About Kids Style

A Vision toward a Community of Understanding and Respect

Our Vision for Kids StyleGetting to Know You is to provide a resource for children, as well as their parents and teachers, that provides a framework of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the value of worth-based relationships with others in order for them to attain their "greater good." (We describe "worth-based" as being rooted in the basic principle of respecting our own inalienable worth and, equally important, the innate worth of others.) Through teacher support, Kids Style offers pragmatic, lifelong skills to reducing the conflicts that often accompany these relationships.

The social and emotional development of children ages eight through ten—elementary grades three through five--is one of a unique journey of discovery of "self" leading toward an even greater discovery of one's own relationships with others. As children begin this time of extended growth, they become more dependent upon peers and are increasingly self-conscious about how they are viewed in the eyes of others. A heightened sense of fairness and the "why" of things often leads them to consider issues of interpersonal conflict as either right or wrong—with little or no middle ground. At this age of development, many times they find themselves ill-equipped to effectively handle failure or criticism.

Identity Achievement

As children develop during this time, they grow in their ability to take responsibility for their own actions, they experiment with their own solutions to increasingly complex social experiences, and in the process, acquire a more mature sense of right and wrong. Most significantly, they become much less egocentric and find themselves developmentally more ready to be able to understand and appreciate the differing perspectives of others.

Discipline Improvement, Character Education and Anti-Bullying programs now abound in our schools in response to the increased body of knowledge and research developed in the past thirty years on the subject of student relationships and conflict. Each of the programs provides a valid emphasis on displaying core behavior—respect, understanding, tolerance, etc. Many such programs offer useful suggestions for celebrating positive results through extrinsic rewards. While providing a valuable framework for desired behavior and actions, few of these programs, delve into the "why" or motivations of personal or others' behavior—just at the time when, developmentally, children clamor for such meaning.

Life-Long Skills

Kids Style has been designed to work with existing programs of character education, in the home and at school, to fill that gap and meet the need of children this age to know "why" they, and the others around them, behave in the ways they do—whether in normal interactions or relationships in conflict. Kids Style will not only educate youngsters about the underlying intent of the actions of others, but as importantly, will provide skills and strategies which will help them reduce stress (and, in so doing, obviate violence) in their relationships—strategies that will serve them for a life time.

Founded on Solid Research

Based upon 40+ years of research, Kids Style is a new approach to character education. Kids Style is based on the world’s best known interpersonal skills model called SOCIAL STYLESM. SOCIAL STYLE is used by thousands of organizations to improve individual and organizational productivity. The SOCIAL STYLE Model is used by permission of The TRACOM Group. Visit www.tracomcorp.com for more information.

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