FGCU Partners With Kids Style

Kids Style Interim Report

Devine, D. J. & Hibbard, S. T. (2011).  Florida Gulf Coast University, College of Education, Fort Myers, FL


Famed psychologist and Pulitzer Prize winner Erick Erikson outlined his famous identity theory in 1968 in his work entitled Identity Youth and Crisis. Erickson’s research showed that the environment in which a child was reared was vital to growth, adjustment, and could provide self-awareness and identity (Erikson, 1968). Erikson’s research and theories on how this development during childhood affected adulthood won Erickson the Pulitzer Prize. James Marcia researching similar theories of identity found that identity crisis and identity achievement played a role in future success. Research has shown a correlation between those that develop a solid self-concept in their adolescence were more likely to have positive relationships in young adulthood. In addition, research has shown those suffering with identity crisis in adolescence are more likely to face problems in early adulthood (Marcia, 1966).


Research in psychology showed that it is beneficial for a child to have developed an identity by adolescence. The development of an identity and the ability to recognize characteristics in others is what sets Kids Styles apart from other character development programs. Recent research in neuroscience has shown that to maximize learning and the learning environment an emotional connection must be made for the student. Kids Styles has been adapted to fuse emotion into its program.


The need and demand for character programs in schools are there, it is just about choosing which program will be most effective. Research conducted at Colorado State University found Social Styles to be the most effective interpersonal training programs for adults. The research was conducted to develop an effective program that meets the demands of corporations and business. The Social Styles model has now been modified to fit the needs of children while still retaining the components that have made it a successful program for adults.