Introducing Kids Style

This is a book about understanding each other, why kids act the way they do and how we can all be the best we can be together.

“Style” is the you or the me that is on display everyday – the you or the me that everyone sees.

Kids Style looks at ways of understanding each other’s style – why we sometimes act differently from one another.


The Kids Style—Getting to Know You series of instructional stories are written with the purpose of providing a framework of knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for the value of healthy relationships with others so that everyone may attain their “greater good.”

We believe that behaviors exhibited by ourselves and others are the result of choices made and that favored and observable patterns of behavior are developed early in a child’s life.

Kids Style offers third/fourth graders pragmatic, lifelong skills that will not only educate them about the underlying intent of the actions of others, but as importantly, will provide fundamental strategies which will help them reduce stress in their relationships, obviate violence, and increase tolerance for divergent points of view —strategies that will serve them for a life time.


Kids Style Press Release.