Promotional Pricing

Kids Style comes to the education industry at a time when budgetary discretion is the order of the day. To meet the needs of today’s school systems, our approach is to deliver this impactful series on an internet-based platform – greatly reducing production and distribution costs while delivering vital learning outcomes.

Promotional Pricing
District/School Size
(student enrollment)
Annual License Fee
for District/School

greater than 100,000

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25,000 – 100,000


10,000 – 25,000


5,000 – 10,000


2,500 – 5,000


1,000 – 2,500


less than 1,000


      * - covers one grade level for one year

The Annual License Fee entitles access to these web-based resources

Digital version of Kids Style: Getting to Know You Children’s Book.  The teacher may print any number of copies (either in whole or in part) of the children’s book to accommodate classroom needs.

Digital version of the Teacher’s GuideAccessible online or printable.  The Guide provides a cross-curricular infusion approach to teaching Kids Style.

Follow-up Activities and Discussions: At the end of each chapter.

A growing number of Literary Classics connections.  Teaching resources that look at major characters in age-appropriate literary classics from a Kids Style perspective.  Printable.

End-of-chapter Comprehension Questions:  Designed to mirror mathematics and reading standardized testing formats. Included in the Children's Book.

Classroom Aids:  Several teaching tools and worksheets to apply character building skills across disciplines.  Printable.

Educator’s Forum:  A place for educators to exchange ideas and experiences about how to best present the Kids Style content, and to make recommendations for future improvements to the series..

Kids Style Partner materials: To support you and your staff, you will have access to adult-level Social Style video and downloadable materials based on over 40 years of experience and research by our Partner: TRACOM Group.

Continuous improvements: Naturally, your license entitles you to all updates and revisions to the above Kids Style: Getting to Know You resources throughout the subscription year.